Service Rates

Labor Rate - $150.00 / Hour

Time on site, From the time the engineer arrives at your facility until the engineer leaves your facility. Rounded to the nearest 15 minutes (3 Hour Minimum)
Saturdays / Sundays billed at double time

Travel Rate -$150.00 / Hour

Rounded to the nearest 15 minutes
Billed from the time engineer leaves home/office/hotel to your facility and return trip to home/office/hotel.
Saturdays / Sundays billed at double time

Overnight Stay - $175.00

Per day when hotel stay is required

Airline / Rental car

Billed at cost 

30 Day Service Guarantee

Gadsden Engineering guarantees its work for 30 days from the date of the original service call. General Parts warrants its services for these 30 days if the defect is related to the original repair service, the equipment has been used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines since the original repair, and no other person has attempted repairs on the unit. Gadsden Engineering must also be notified of the defect within that 30-day period. In addition, if a manufacturer offers a longer warranty period on a specific part, Gadsden Engineering will extend the labor warranty to the customer.

Service Terms and Conditions

Warranty must be claimed at the time service is requested.

The Service Guarantee does not cover  repair services for damage resulting from:
1 - Acts of God.
2 - Negligence or misuse by owner’s employee, officer, agent. 
3 - Any third party, repair, modification or changes made by unauthorized service personnel including machine service companies not contracted by Gadsden Engineering
4 - Damage to equipment caused by factors other than machine operations including but not limited to fire, collision, and relocation.
5 - Failure to perform required periodic maintenance.

Warranty work performed after regular hours, or on Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays will be invoiced at Gadsden Engineering standard service rates.

Payment Terms: Payment is due net 30 days upon credit approval.  
Buyer agrees to pay collection costs incurred to collect the account balance, including reasonable attorney fees.

Limit of Liability: Gadsden Engineering is not liable for any damage, injury, costs, or any other type of loss except where such loss is directly and solely a result of the negligence of a Gadsden Engineering employee or agent. Under no circumstances is Gadsden Engineering liable for consequential or incidental damages of any type arising from the services provided.

Service rates and terms updated 01/26/2021   Gadsden Engineering

Covid Policy

Gadsden Engineering employees are not mandated to be vaccinated and have a personal choice to do so.
While in your facility we will wear masked as required by individual state or local ordinances.  Once at the machine in need of service Gadsden service engineers  will not be required to wear a mask while servicing your equipment.  Please allow a minimum of 6' for social distancing.
If this presents an issue please contact us before scheduling service.

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